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  • Amy Sufak

PR pro tips for media interviews

You’ve worked hard to get connected with the media and have finally scored an interview. Now what? The key is to get prepared to look and sound your best to make a memorable first impression. Red Energy Public Relations'

media relations experts have four simple tips guaranteed to help you to have a successful media interview.

Ask questions first

It’s okay to reach out to the journalist you are working with to see what topics they’re interested in discussing. Their job is to be prepared too. Once you receive the list of potential questions, take the time to answer each one thoroughly on your own time and prior to the interview. If you are doing an on-camera or podcast interview, talk through the answers in front of a friend, co-worker or even the mirror. Do this at least three times to make sure you are speaking calmly, confidently, and to the point.

Dress to impress

It is important to look your very best for an on-camera interview or photo taken to accompany a written piece. Even if the interview is conducted over the phone, it helps to be dressed professionally as studies suggest that it improves confidence. Men should have a fresh hair-cut and clean shave. If your subject matter is casual, a collared polo shirt will look good on-camera. Generally, it is best to avoid green (if there is a green screen), clothing with notable logos, busy prints or patterns as they can be distracting. If you are discussing something a little more serious go for a sports coat. Women should have freshly styled hair and makeup coverage to highlight their eyes and hide flaws. A V-neck top is flattering on all figures and balances facial features for the camera. Stay away from wearing white it will make you look washed out.

Also, if you are shooting outside it looks best to take off your sunglasses. Lastly, if you can bring a trusted professional friend or colleague this is always helpful prior to an interview as they can ensure your final look is good to go before taking the interview.

Bring your business card

A good journalist will always ask for your name and title first. But it is best to follow up with a business card. This is the best way to confirm the proper spelling of your name, title and company. Feel free to bring marketing materials too. Journalists can use these materials to put the pieces of their story together and use language that is part of your brand so that your voice stays consistent.

Sleep well

If you want to look and sound your best to represent your organization, sleep is essential. You’ll not only look fresh but you’ll speak more eloquently. Think of it as the night before a big performance, or party, or crucial meeting. We all function better with a good night’s sleep.

Red Energy Public Relations in Colorado Springs media outreach team has decades of combined media relations expertise and works directly with those responsible for the editorial content of news features, public service, and sponsored programming products of mass media, including: print, radio, television, and social media. To let us help foster your relationships and trust with journalists in Colorado, nationally, and internationally give us a call today at 719.465.3565.


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