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By telling your unique story, we make it our mission to connect you with the community.

There are many definitions of what PR is and what a PR professional does.

Plain and simply, it's building a bridge to connect you with your target audience so that a relationship can be formed. By integrating a variety of communication tactics, we're here to help you connect with your audience seamlessly and effectively. Below are some of the services we offer at Red Energy to help you reach your public relations and marketing goals.

Strategic Communication

Speak with one voice and understand the “big picture” through various public relations, advertising, or marketing tools. Our strategic planning process includes: developing goals, identifying issues and key publics/ audiences, developing key messages, evaluating results, and creating a plan of action to reach internal, community and media audiences.

News Media Outreach​

In media relations, the end result should be directing key messages to your intended audience. Red Energy works directly with those responsible for the editorial (news and features), public service and sponsored programming products of mass media (print, radio, television, and social media). We help foster your relationships and trust with journalists locally, nationally and internationally. Our services include: writing/disseminating press releases to targeted media lists, pitching stories, press conferences, handling media queries, coordinating press tours, creating press kits and working with trade publications.


Crisis Communication Planning

An unexpected crisis can tarnish your organization’s reputation immediately even after years have been devoted to building a strong brand. In times of vulnerability, it is imperative to speak with one voice. Red Energy creates a crisis management plan allowing you to stay on message while avoiding pitfalls associated with miscommunication. Our strategies include: situational assessment, goals/outcomes, identifying issues, identifying key publics/ audiences, developing key messages, creating a plan of action to reach internal audiences, community and media outlets and evaluation of results, post-crisis.

Focus Groups & Consumer Surveys​

Focus groups and surveys are powerful ways to evaluate your current services or test new ideas. In order to market correctly you need to know and understand your target audience. Red Energy can provide your business a great deal of information during a focus group session. Our market research team will identify your objectives, develop questions, plan/schedule the session and facilitate the session and evaluate the results for you.

Website Content Development​

A website’s success is dependent on the amount of traffic it receives—if you are not within the first 10 results on page one, you are invisible. Your website's content is the driving force behind these results. Red Energy’s web experts can increase your site’s visibility to improve the volume and quality of traffic you receive via search. We achieve this through an organic and content oriented approach, in order to properly and efficiently optimize your company’s position on search engine lists.

Branding Development

We assist you in developing a cohesive brand across a variety of platforms. A concise message is essential for your marketing materials to reach their full potential. We will help you develop key messages and materials that are compelling, relevant and consistent. We excel in promoting and publicizing your organization to your target audience.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

We will create and perform audits and surveys-- focusing on tracking and measuring positive responses from your consumers, regardless of the medium. Our customer service audits will provide you with statistics, insights and feedback to meet any weaknesses in customer service head-on. 

Conferences & Events

The outcome of a conference or event not only reflects your organization but will determine attendance for future conferences. Our special events team will help in all stages of conference and event planning, advertising, marketing, 

execution, and follow up. We will handle the venue booking, seeking sponsorships, raising awareness, communication with attendees, and working the actual event. We specialize in: open houses, tours, groundbreakings, grand openings/ribbon cuttings, product launches, and conferences.



Copywriting & Editing

Without a concise message, your marketing materials will not reach their full potential. Red Energy will help you develop key messages and materials that are compelling, relevant and consistent. We understand the difference between traditional and social media marketing and strategically combine these tools to give you clear messaging that leads to proven results. We proofread products for grammar, readability and Associated Press style so you can be confident your content reflects your best image. 

Pitch & Presentation Development
Delivering a professional and impactful presentation can be a challenging task. At Red Energy, we know that preparation is the key to success. Our experts assist you with the planning, visualization and execution of briefings and presentations that are fit for any audience. Let us guide and prepare you to be a successful presenter and public speaker. We outline, write and edit content and enhance your engagement with products, brochures, audio/visual content and multimedia. 

Graphic Design

Good design looks great and tells your story. Red Energy can help you create crowd-pleasing exhibits that will have people lining up at your booth. We also assist with events such as: trade shows, public appearances, special events and expos. Red Energy can offer innovate fresh graphics to draw in consumers. Our in-house experts work with you to bring your creative ideas to form. From subscription inserts, fliers, and postcards, to logo creation, media kits, and event signage, our team provides professional graphic design geared uniquely to your brand.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Since 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations developing relationships is imperative for businesses. Red Energy makes your message creative and mobile with consistent content. We also manage personal two-way interaction between clients and customers and facilitate calls to action. We will position you as an industry leader by converting our understanding of relationship dynamics formed through social media marketing into a tool that supports a long-lasting partnership between you and your target audience.


Promotions market what you have to offer, as well as bridge the gap between you and the consumer. Red Energy helps you disseminate information about your product, services or organization. With a comprehensive plan, our team generates awareness, captures data and increases your revenue through interactive promotions. We create, implement and manage from start to finish, efforts to build awareness, to meet a wide range of objectives. Our objectives include: sales increases, new product acceptance, competitive retaliations, or creation of a corporate image.

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