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Red Energy Public Relations

At the corner of Weber and Monument street.

629 North Weber Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

+1 719.465.3565

Community Outreach | Special Events Marketing

Community outreach best markets what you have to offer, as well as bridge the gap between you and the consumer. With a comprehensive plan, our team generates awareness, captures data and increases your revenue through interactive promotions. We create, implement and manage from start to finish, efforts to build awareness, to meet a wide range of objectives.

Event management is one of our many specialties. We absolutely love telling our clients' stories while having fun with the community.

We create and advertise for special events like preview parties, VIP parties and benefit parties.

We have the communal ties that it takes to manage a successful event.

We love to gather the community for celebrations. These events draw consumers to your business as well as develop a strong sense of community.

Community outreach helps develop a large guest list for annual events.

We are skilled in all types of events. Our favorite events to hosts are ones that provide fun opportunities for the people in our community.

Spreading the word throughout the community is key to managing a successful event. We are experienced in creating content and advertising for our clients' events.

We use a variety of different channels to get event details out to the public. Our use of different channels ensures a large turnout for events.

We create events as well as manage them. We developed the Nation's first parade of retirement homes. We handled this community outreach from brainstorming to final analysis.

We create advertising material to let your desired audiences know about your event.