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About Red Energy PR

It's our mission to connect you with your audience by telling your unique story.


Red Energy was established on the principle of delivering excellence to every client, no matter how large or small. Our boutique agency has more than 20 years of experience assisting 
non-profits, corporations and government entities worldwide.


Red Energy is an award-winning PR agency and international provider of special events,

news media relations, consultation services, interview training, digital marketing, graphic design, crisis communication, marketing, and creative communication services. 

Through an integrated approach of effective branding and communication strategies, our team of PR professionals build awareness and visibility so that your organization can thrive.

About Red Energy PR

Why Red Energy?

The color red signifies our passion behind what we do every single day. It represents the drive that we have to take our clients to the next level.

Our firm harnesses energy‘s core characteristics, enabling us to provide powerful messaging and dynamic solutions in transforming ways. Our

get-it-done attitude is the energy force that pushes our clients forward. ​ ​


Our logo, encompasses elements of an atom

and embodies how we view our work. Atoms are nothing without relationships with other atoms. The bonds built with intertwining atoms create matter. Like atoms, we develop relationships with clients and their target audience to produce what is important - a meaningful connection.


When two atoms collide substance is created. Let us create so you can thrive.  

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