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  • Amy Sufak

A holiday greeting goes a long way

The holiday season is here, and there is plenty of cooking, shopping, and wrapping happening. Don’t forget your clients and valued partners as you celebrate the spirit of the season.

It is not necessary to budget for gifts each year. What is important is to let people who support your business know you appreciate them. A holiday greeting is an excellent way to connect with your community. Here are a few simple ways to do so.

1. Social media post

Creating a social media post is the fastest approach to a holiday greeting. Simply say “happy holidays” and we look forward to serving you in 2022. Then, make time to go through your feed – like and comment on your clients’ and customers’ holiday posts too.

2. Holiday email

Create an email campaign thanking your customers for their business. Make sure to share your holiday hours in an infographic in the email. If you have any new services or promotions coming in 2022 – add those details as well.

3. Handwritten card

Cards are the most time consuming and costly method, but they are very well received. Start this project well in advance.

Red Energy Public Relations believes connecting with your community is key to successful public relations. For more information on how we can help you connect give us a call 719.465.3565.


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