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  • Amy Sufak

3 PR tips for business growth in 2022

New year, new goals! Business growth is a reachable goal with hard work, determination, and a plan. Strategic public relations must be part of that plan as you advance in 2022. Take a look at our PR tips for business growth.


Market research helps determine the best channels to convey your messaging. You need to discover what audience fits your mission for your campaign. Try to conduct focus groups, surveys, and product reviews on a regular basis to have a better understanding of what your customers want and need.


Come up with an action plan based on your research. Provide answers to your potential customer’s questions and provide services they have requested.


Discover the success of your plan and try to make improvements based on analytics. Review each month’s digital insights, impressions, and leads and pivot your planning as needed. Analytics can give you a clear picture of what audiences you are reaching and who isn’t seeing your content. You can make future campaigns based on those insights.

Get Help

Stop trying to do it all (if you’re a doctor, you shouldn’t be managing your social media pages or email newsletter). That isn’t getting you more patients or referrals, it’s just wasting your valuable time for something that marketing and public relations professionals can do in their sleep - your office manager or receptionist shouldn’t be doing it either. Get the right resources on your calendar to help you focus on what you do best so the marketing professionals can do what they do best.

Services offered by Red Energy Public Relations in Colorado Springs include event management, media relations, market research, social media management and more. Give us a call today at 719.465.3565 to make a date for a discovery call.


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