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  • Amy Sufak

Why audience matters when deciding on PR platforms

Public relations (PR) campaigns span across various platforms including news media, print media, radio, podcasts, and social media. But, do you really need to include every platform when planning your PR campaign? Knowing who your audience is can help to maximize your campaign and eliminate wasting time or money on unnecessary platforms that won't reach your audience.

Most Gen Zrs don't even watch the news or pay much attention to traditional news media outlets, including on social media. In light of many fake news scandals, even millennials are straying away from more traditional news outlets, and instead, opting for ones they trust and speak with a voice more directly tailored to them. Online presences including online magazines like Popsugar, TikTok newscasters like @underthedesknews, and email newsletters like The Skimm, have reliably reported on major current events, especially in recent years.

If a Millennial or Gen Zer opts to get their news from a mainstream source, they will likely turn to more credible outlets, such as The New York Times’ online articles or even Buzzfeed News and other publications that mix in positive stories while maintaining transparent and fast reporting. Gen X and Boomers still watch their morning news and even will purchase their daily newspapers making CNN, FOX News, and local papers relevant within this group. Physical copies stand out more, which is why print media is still relevant for people in this age group, including magazines both local and national, but also ones that are tailored to specific age groups, local areas, and activities.

Radio still reaches a large audience, but Gen X is the group who listens the most. Many, especially if they own a bluetooth enabled car or have a plug in device, have switched over to listening to music and podcasts through streaming apps such as Sirius XM, Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. Radio can still be an excellent PR asset, if you know when your target audience is listening and what stations would provide the most ROI.

If your target audience includes anyone within Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z social media should be at the top of your to-do list in order to reach the most people with the greatest impact. The number of social media users has tripled throughout the last decade and continues to grow.

Knowing your audience when creating your PR campaign can ensure you reach them efficiently by choosing the appropriate media to focus your efforts through to create the biggest impact. For expert support in guiding your PR and marketing strategy, let our team help! Whether it's creating press releases and securing news media or making a full scale social media strategy, we can help. Send us a message HERE or give us a call at 719.465.3565.


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