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  • Amy Sufak

What does transparency mean when it comes to communications?

Consumers are looking for transparency in every company they pay attention to, whether it's a small retail brand or a company set in the luxury space, the local waste company or a big name non-profit. Customers want more from a brand than to simply pay for an item or service and continue on with their day.

With much of the population's preferences switching to sustainability and the ability to trust what a brand stands for, companies need to be more transparent than ever to keep their customers engaged.

Transparency doesn't just mean telling your audience your impact statements at the end of the year, but letting them know what you’ve done to make those impacts happen and having proof. Share how employees are getting involved in their local communities and the philanthropic efforts your company makes within your field, don’t forget that the higher ups should be just as actively involved in these activities as the interns are. People like to see action being taken by those in charge, it reminds your consumer that the company is human and personable.

Is the transparency customers want, the transparency you are giving them? We’ve all seen the ‘POV’ and ‘day in the life’ videos that have gained popularity since TikTok blew up as one of the key platforms in social media. Consumers want to relate to your brand or company beyond enjoying the product or service. Personal relationships by way of letting the consumer see a glimpse behind the scenes can make your company seem less mystic and more attainable.

Social media is where many are getting their news and updates and where cancel culture can have its greatest impact against you and your company. Cancel culture is still thriving, while its methods may be a bit extreme; people, companies, and brands are getting canceled over decades old scandals and mishaps. Everybody makes mistakes, every brand, every company, every spokesperson has made a mistake in the past.

The opportunity that modern transparency offers, is owning up to that mistake with proof of how changes have been made in the pursuit of growth. Quite simply, apology letters are in, own up to the mistakes of the past and provide proof that the future includes change for you and your company creates a bond with your consumer that you might have lost if you had instead tried to sweep it under the rug.

Being conscientious of current events and sharing how your company is staying ethical, even if in the past you’ve opposed such changes, is critical. Taking a stand in support of your majority audience ensures you stay relevant and trustworthy. Knowing that you have their backs and support your customers means creating lasting connections and positive relationships.

To learn more about controlling your message and building a more personable strategy, give us a call at 719.465.3565.


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