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  • Amy Sufak

No News is Not Good News

We’ve all heard the saying, “no news is good news”, but does that really hold true? In this day and age, where people are constantly consuming one form of media or another, not having your name in consistent rotation means you're being forgotten about while consumers move on to the next big thing. That’s why continuing to stay relevant has become that much harder and evermore important.

Consistent posting on all social media platforms helps to keep you at the forefront of your consumers’ mind. When a consumer almost inevitably ends up scrolling through their preferred social platform, they are more likely to see your content if you’ve posted recently. Ensuring you have scheduled posts going out regularly means that you are popping up on your preferred consumers social feed and solidifying recognition of your brand - this is brand awareness. To convert those engagements into leads, takes constant viewing of your brand that then becomes recognition. From there, your audience is more likely to inquire about what you offer and take action to connect with you on their own terms - this is conversion!

To increase brand recognition and conversion, always share new and exciting things happening in your company. Be authentic! Why keep new products, promotions, or improvements in-house? Your consumers want to know that there are new things coming to them whether that’s something new they’ll be able to access or an update to your website that makes it easier for the consumer to navigate.

Consumers are looking for more personal relationships to the brands and companies they interact with each day, sharing a promotion or company event means giving an inside peek of your operations to the consumer and creating connections that become personal attachments to your brand.

Getting your name out across platforms can be in the form of organic social posting, paid advertising, or through media relations. The best way to keep your name at the top of consumers’ minds is to produce a healthy mix of all three.

If your brand or organization needs assistance with your digital marketing efforts, paid media placements or earned media relations efforts, let us know on our contact form.


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