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  • Amy Sufak

Is text the new email?

Is texting the new emailing? We’re not just talking about in-office communications. Text has jumped to the forefront of marketing tactics that create serious conversions for businesses in all industries.

When emails become flooded with spam and constant marketing updates from brands, your company is likely to blend in and end up straight in the trash bin.

Email marketing is still a useful tactic, and it shouldn't be forgotten about, as long as you are ok knowing that the email you spent a good chunk of time on might just end up in someone's trash without being opened. Optimizing and personalizing your email marketing tactics with the add-on of text opt-ins can increase your conversion rates and generate more leads or sales. After all, it’s the quickest way to get eyes on your message because most people have their phones readily nearby during all hours of the day.

Before you can start texting, you need your consumers’ phone numbers and their opt-in approval. If you already have a database of consumer contacts with phone numbers and permissions to contact, you can jump right into text marketing.

If you are starting from scratch, you can optimize your lead generation forms by simply adding a box to fill in a prospective client or customer's phone number in addition to their email. Make sure you include a disclaimer about having their permission to opt-in to your marketing and promotional updates.

Utilizing small sales or other incentives that require a prospective client or customer to fill in their information will grow this database for your business quickly. You can also grow the contact database through events and purchases, by asking people to fill out their contact information upon arrival or at checkout.

Once you have their phone numbers, you can add text marketing to your toolbox to incentivize sales, generate new leads, and retain customers or clients. People are more likely to react immediately to a text they receive before they take action from an email. Compound on that by utilizing time-sensitive incentives when sending messages like special offers, urgent alerts, or discounts.

Remind customers who haven’t taken any action with your business, but have given their contact information, that there’s no better time than now to utilize your services or purchase goods. If it’s been a while since you last had contact or a purchase from a customer, let them know you are still available for future services or upsell them to buy from or engage with your brand again. Keep in touch by sharing upcoming sales, events, or exciting news.

Text marketing can be utilized in tandem with email marketing to consistently stay in contact with your customers or clients and ensure you are reaching them while creating conversions. For expert support in guiding your marketing strategy with digital marketing, let our team help! Send us a message HERE or give us a call at 719.465.3565.


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