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5 event planning tips you need to know

Summer is often one of the busiest seasons of the year for us when it comes to planning events. Even with a week's notice, our team of expert event planners can plan, coordinate and produce events without a hitch. So, how do they do it? How do even the smallest of details get accounted for with everything else that's going on in a typical day at a boutique PR firm? Here's a hint, it's not luck.

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Planning is the answer my friends. Lots of planning. Luckily, we've been producing both small-scale and large-scale events for more than a decade, and the following skillsets are almost second-nature. But, it all started with these simple tips:

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Develop an Event Logistics

No matter how large or small the event may be, always create a detailed event logistics plan. This is gold when it comes to executing incredible events. Because let's be honest, nobody wants the frantic event planner who looses their cool when the microphone doesn't seem to work.

At Red Energy, we live, breathe and thrive by our event logistics and promise you that this little document is going to be your saving grace for your next special event. We track minute by minute deliverables, important contact details, and even include our to-go box items on this bad boy so that if we needed to hand off the document to someone on the street, they'd be able to read it and follow the checklist without ever knowing what the event was for.

Know Your Vendors

It's likely that if you're planning an event, you're going to need some outside vendor support. Get a general awareness of the resources available to you in your area as well as online because let's face it, sometimes that local print shop and Amazon Prime account come in handy more than you may have thought.

Do your research and find the best price for the best quality, especially if you have a tight budget to stay within and be sure to send thank you cards to those contacts who help make your event a success along the way - gratitude is graceful and always appreciated!

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Schedule a Walk Through

Don't ever show up to an event without having walked through the entire plan of action at least once. That's like sending a doctor into the operating room without giving them a patient briefing - it's scary and bad practice! Schedule time for yourself and your client to visit the venue and do a quick run of show so that everyone is on the same page. Trust us, you'll be able to sleep at night.

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Pack a Fool-Proof To-Go Box

24-hours before your event you should have your event supplies ready to go. This means pens, pencils, first aid kits, batteries, and whatever else you may need during your event are ready by the back door so you can grab 'n go. This timeline also allows for you to pick up additional supplies should you realize that the double-sided tape you thought you had has grown legs and disappeared. Pack ahead!

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Arrive On-Time & Be Prepared

First of all, because you've previously done the walk through, you'll know exactly where you're going. Don't ever show up to your event venue for the first time the day of your event. Yikes! Often times Google Maps gives crazy directions and being late to an event you're producing is bad news.

Also, dress appropriately. Look at the weather forecast, know what the attire is, and dress accordingly. If you're going to be outside at a golf tournament for a nonprofit fundraiser, don't wear heels! It's never fun being the one to posthole dig through beautiful green grass plus we'd bet that the golf course staff wouldn't appreciate it either. It's always a good idea to eat before any event you're working so that you're not hangry one-hour into the festivities. Proper etiquette is that the event staff aren't chowing down with the guests, never a good idea to have a mouthful of salad when introducing your client to local media reps who are out to cover the story - you're there to work and keep things running!

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