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  • Amy Sufak

The value of solid marketing funnels

Marketing funnels are a vital tool for growing your business and creating a continuous stream of new leads. Funnels help to guide your leads to make a purchase rather than hoping that your efforts will convince potential buyers to purchase.

Funnels work to capture leads in any industry, not just product-based, but for anything you are offering including services.

The funnel system is simple, at the top of the funnel is where all of your cold leads are gathered. Whether these cold leads come from people finding your social media pages, word of mouth, or from finding your webpage or storefront. These are the faces of your brand and are what convince potential consumers to stick around to learn more. People take the time before purchasing to figure out if you, as a brand or company, are trustworthy to them, align with their goals or values, and if you are someone they would feel comfortable purchasing from.

Making the face of your company work for you is the first step to ensuring the top of your funnel brings in viable leads. Curating your website and/or storefront along with your social media platforms to express an aesthetically pleasing persona of your brand will help lead customers to learn more.

Once you’ve created valuable platforms to pull in cold leads, the next step is to gather their information so you can continue to teach potential customers more about your brand and continue to entice them to purchase.

Email newsletter sign-ups will give you access to your potential customers' contact info. If you think SMS messages are right for your audience, be sure to request they add their phone number in your sign-up form. Offering discounts with sign-ups is another great incentive as the discount encourages users to purchase more immediately rather than waiting to take action.

Now that you have these leads, it’s time to put them to use. The key way to do this is by creating a newsletter that you’ll send out each week to share more about your company and include additional incentives to purchase. Whether you create discounts, BOGO sales, or a free product with purchase, share these with the contact list you’ve generated. You can also utilize the contact list to target ads to your audience through your social media platforms, like Meta ads that connect with Facebook and Instagram users.

Once a customer has made a purchase, continue to nurture that relationship and encourage repeat purchases. The funnel is a continuous cycle that restarts back at the top. As you grow you’ll bring in more and more people to the top of your funnel that you can nurture into purchases or new clients.

For expert support in building a tailored marketing strategy for any industry with email marketing and social media management, let our team help! Send us a message HERE or give us a call at 719.465.3565.


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