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  • Amy Sufak

Graphic design, why hiring a pro can save big bucks

Do you ever see a design on your favorite website or social media page that really catches your eye? We’d bet it was created by a professional graphic designer. Professionals are artists. They earn the title of professional because they attend years of design school and advanced their knowledge through continued education classes and years of experience doing - you guessed it - design work! Here’s why you should consider working with a professional graphic designer instead of the DIY approach.

Professionals Have Top-Notch Programs

Stop relying on Canva to build your brand materials. They aren’t original because everyone who doesn’t want to hire a pro is using them too. In fact, paying someone to fix a bad design that you already paid to create is just a double doozy. Professional graphic designers use programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These programs give professionals the resources they need to create original designs specific to your brand.

Make a first impression

If you’re using your office assistant to design your business cards, you’re doing it wrong – and it shows. If they don’t understand bleeds, print marks, slug area, safe area, kerning and leading – they probably shouldn’t be creating and ordering the first impression you’re about to give others at networking events.

Trends vs. transformative

Professional graphic designers have years of expertise and industry knowledge of what’s just trendy creative versus what’s transformative and what is going to outlast the “kitchy” designs. They package your brand into the file formats you’re going to need later on. Gone are the days of trying to order promotional items while trying to figure out the difference between EPS and JPEG files.

Paying a professional designer may cost more upfront, but in the long run it’s going to save you money, time and a headache. For more information on graphic design created by Red Energy Public Relations give us a call today at 719.465.3565.


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