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  • Amy Sufak

Blogging to build your brand

Thinking about blogging in 2022? Red Energy Public Relations’ content writers have expert tips for blogging to build your brand in the new year and beyond.

With more current and potential customers online than ever before, optimizing your digital footprint through increased brand awareness is critical for staying on top of your competition. The key and free way to stay current in Google Searches is by using a blog in your digital marketing toolkit.

This not only allows your website to stay current for Google indexing (think of a digital rolodex). When Google sees that a business’s website is being regularly updated, they will push your contact card to the front of searches that people make when they’re looking for a contact in your industry – putting your website right in front of them!

1. Pick a subject to share your expertise

Narrow down a subject that you know well or find someone to interview that is an expert in the subject you are writing about. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Using a subject matter expert is key. Start the blog with a sentence that will catch a reader’s attention.

2. Break it down into three main points

Find three main talking points within the overall subject – keep it short and sweet. Elaborate on those three points. You can use bullets or even number the talking points like we are doing in this blog to break up the information into easy-to-follow sections.

3. Use keywords that readers would google search

Focus on words and phrases that people might use in a Google search to find your blog or learn more about the subject. Now days, people are using voice search to get information as well – so make sure that your blog includes search terms that someone might ask their phone or Amazon Echo to look up for them. Feel free to use those words and phrases several times throughout your content and make sure that it’s providing the person a solution to the question or search term they requested.

4. Edit your work

Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors prior to publishing. You want your published work to be perfect. There are several online editing programs if you think you need the help. Hiring experts from an agency also is a valuable asset when producing large volumes of written text or content-heavy digital campaigns.

5. Add a photo or video

Find an eye-catching image or video that visualizes the subject you are blogging about. Don’t forget to add alt text to your graphics. Google does not see images or videos, but they do read file names and codes. Ensure that your file is named along the lines of what your blog topic is about to maximize your blog’s SEO.

6. Post & share

Finally, post your work on your website and then share on all of your social media platforms.

Learn more about our content writing capabilities and digital marketing strategies and ask about getting a free quote today!


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