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  • Amy Sufak

3 Tips for Better Design

Are you looking to revamp your designs for 2023? There’s plenty of advice out there on how to best share about your brand or company and it can be overwhelming figuring out what to listen to. We’ve put together tips that you can start using now to elevate your designs in 2023.

1. White space

White space is the unused space of a design. In short, it’s usually the background space, the area around the focal point, the distance to the items around it, including the edge of the canvas and other design elements or text. Utilizing all your white space while making sure you aren't overwhelming the design can be a difficult balance to find. Obviously, you can’t use all of your white space, and you definitely don’t want to overcrowd your canvas. However, you also don’t want to miss an opportunity to communicate important messages to your viewers. Rather than continuing to add when you see unused space left over, make text, photos, or images larger so they take up more space and become a greater focal point in your design or ask yourself, is all of my information included? If so, leave it as is and reposition items so that they fill the space in a more intentional way.

2. Clean fonts

Readability is key. When people look at social media or ads, they’ll read what they can with a quick glance. If it’s not catching attention quickly, it's getting passed over. Most social posts and ads are viewed for just a few seconds before the potential customer either continues on or decides to click or save the information. Make sure the information you want to share is short and easy to read as well as attention grabbing so the viewer will stop to take it in. We also recommend keeping your fonts on-brand with your organization or only using a couple of fonts altogether. Things get unprofessional and messy when too many font selections are chosen.

3. Simplify it

Less is more when trying to get your message across, it leaves the consumer wanting to find out more and drives greater traffic to your site and your products. Simple designs communicate your product or service more clearly and generate interest with the viewer. Always be sure to stay within your branding to share a cohesive story across all platforms. Color schemes, fonts, and logos should stay the same to achieve seamless branding through all designs.

For more design and branding tips, or if your organization needs a refresh, give us a call at 719.465.3565 or request a design quote here.


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