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  • Amy Sufak

3 PR myths

Public relations is proven to aid businesses in growing, creating relationships with the public, creating brand awareness, and so much more. Despite this, many have held onto beliefs that PR is not necessary for growing a business, or is only needed when bad news comes out about their business.

PR spans across newsrooms, social events, as well as the digital realm of social media platforms nowadays. We’ve broken down three common myths about public relations.

PR works overnight

PR takes time, even if you go viral. The purpose of PR is to create a strong, long lasting relationship with the public for your or your company, this doesn't just happen overnight. Building relationships takes time, dedication, momentum, and commitment to nurturing that ever growing relationship. Viral marketing tactics, while they can increase overall brand awareness quickly, doesn’t mean you’ll stay at the forefront of the public’s mind any longer than you stay viral.

PR is just for press releases or press conferences

PR doesn’t stand for press release, it stands for public relations which goes far beyond the press room, newsroom, and even beyond your own brand or company. PR can create brand awareness by putting your company in the spotlight and getting people talking. Press releases are just one small part of the equation that PR agencies can do for you.

You only need PR when you have a crisis

While crisis communication is incredibly important, you should be utilizing the benefits of PR before any potential disaster strikes, and to help avoid it altogether. Having the right team and messaging in place before a crisis is critical for keeping composure should one occur.

PR can help build positive relationships proactively with the public for your company or brand. Creating positive brand recognition keeps your brand in good graces with your target audience.

To learn more about our full list of PR services and to find out what your company or brand might benefit from in 2023, give us a call at 719.465.3565 or send us a message on our contact page.


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