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  • Cortney Quintero

Staying engaged with Facebook

Oops they did it again! Facebook has changed the way your followers are seeing your content. Content that you've spent hours expertly crafting and graphics that you've branded and custom-designed are now less visible than ever before.

So should you cut Facebook out of your marketing strategy altogether? No way!

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While these changes have indeed made it harder for your content to be seen, it also means you have more opportunity to stand out against all the noise that was there before.

These changes are putting a stop to bland content that was previously geared toward engagement and focuses more on interaction. What does that mean?

Well, it means that content that previously was geared around getting a large number of "Likes" is no longer as beneficial.

Instead, content that is put out that focuses on answering questions users may have about your organization, creating meaningful dialogue between your customers and providing valuable information that keeps users interacting with others and your organization is going to outperform posts that are just trying to be popular.

Plain and simply, Facebook is seeking quality over quantity these days. I mean, can you blame them? In today's digital world, users feel overwhelmed with content. So, let's start putting quality content out there that stands out against the noise and creates a meaningful relationship with your target audience.

Here's what can help do just that:

Incorporate videos

Start a discussion

Inspire your employees

Decrease links and increase photos

Create unique content

Consider Facebook groups

Know your audience and narrow it down

Timing is everything

Tie-in paid boosts

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