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Social media savvy

Social media management

The value that social media brings to any organization can literally be tracked and evaluated through custom-run reports of analytics, insights and information that can all be easily accessed with the click of a button. So why wouldn’t you use that information to help gear your marketing efforts?

One of the ways you can create awareness of a message you’re looking to convey is to review these insights and develop your plan according to what is going to best serve you.

Don’t have access to the administrative page roles? No problem! As creatures of habit, you can often identify the best time to target your audience by monitoring and evaluating when they are most likely to be active online. For example, if you’re trying to share a message with working professionals, you may want to post content before or right after the work day. Lunch time, may also be a great opportunity to share your content as they’ll likely be checking their notifications and newsfeeds during these hours. However, posting content between 9 – 5 is likely to be missed by the majority of your audience if they’re at work.

Want to better target your audience, ask yourself:

  • Who am I trying to reach?

  • When are they likely to see this information?

  • What am I trying to say and how can I concisely share this information?

  • Is there a relevant and engaging image/graphic that I can tie my message to?

  • Would they share this with their friends?

  • Do I have a clear call to action?

  • What is my end goal and is this clear in my content?

The next step is tracking your efforts. Social media marketing is rarely a one and done effort. It takes time to evaluate what posts are effective and what content clearly needs work. Unless you’ve got a squirrel that can do cart-wheels, it takes time, commitment and repetition for content to be shared.

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