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Brand development success tips

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You just paid a pretty penny to have an amazing logo designed for your business. Now what? Your beautiful logo is now potentially left in the hands of someone that has no idea how to use it.

Through the years your logo gets slapped on everything from business cards to email signatures, it gets scaled up, stretched out and surprise, one of your well-intentioned aunt decided to make it hot pink and posted it on Facebook.

I'm having a panic attack even thinking about how horrible these scenarios are.

As a designer, there is nothing worse than lack of direction. Designing without direction is what I imagine is similar to buying a car without an owners manual and then needing to change the spark plugs three years later. So, let's talk details. What makes a great Brand Guideline? I thought you'd never ask.

1. Logo Variations

You may not always be able to print something in full color, so you'll need some options, not too many options though, let's not get out of hand.

Logo development

2. Logo Treatment

This is where you can blatantly tell someone, "please whatever you do, don't squish my logo, just don't do it."

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3. Color Palette

Ah yes, my favorite, the Color Palette. Sorry Aunt Martha, no hot pink here.

It is always best to cover all of your bases when it comes to color usage; RGB, CMYK and Hexadecimal should all be listed, it will save your designers, publications and web developers a great deal of time.


4. Typography

Why is everything lowercase? Stop that. ALL CAPS, but why are you screaming at me? Cut it out, this is how you need to use our typefaces, correctly.

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5. Usage Examples

Now put it all together, take a deep breath and rest assured knowing that your marketing collateral fully represents your company the way you intended.

The benefit of hiring an agency is that we can help you get your business started off on the right foot, from initial conception to final completion.

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