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  • Amy Sufak

The impact of email marketing

The average person receives about 120 emails in their inbox every single day. The average person only reads about four of those emails according to a study by Google.

Large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations all spend countless hours creating email campaigns yet continue to have a low click through rate. What’s the key to a successful email campaign? There are a few simple factors to consider.

Be brilliant at the basics

First, the name and subject line are crucial for pushing your content to the forefront of their attention. Subscribers will recognize the email is from your company if you use their proper name and avoid salesy subject lines that seem like spam. You can have a creative subject line but avoid unnecessary capitalizations, exclamation marks, question marks or other punctuations that can send your email into their junk folder.

Provide value

Do your best to anticipate your subscriber’s needs. Don’t just send out information about promotions and sales. Instead, share valuable information, resources, and important dates that your subscriber could benefit from.

Graphics help

Use imagery. There is value in creating infographics to support the written information in the email. Some people will only take the time to look at the images and never actually read the email.

Opt for variation

Finally, not everyone communicates via email. Be sure you are sharing valuable information on other platforms for people who don’t use email. For an older demographic a mailer might be your best approach and the younger targets will likely be reached through social media platforms or SMS tools.

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