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  • Amy Sufak

Taking on new media technology

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The Struggle to Keep Up

Your business is top of the line. You have a foolproof strategy, an expert team, and your services are so raved about, there is no way your target audience could ignore them! Marketing for an organization that ‘speaks for itself’ has got to be easy, right?

You get a new phone to store all the graphics you plan to use on those new video editing apps. Your office purchases new software to incorporate videos on the web page. There is a new social media platform to conquer at every turn. Before you know it, the burden of marketing falls on your shoulders. After hours in the office, you spend red-eyed nights watching tutorial after tutorial, posting and sharing to no avail. Your most important customer calls you the next day and the glitchy new phone you purchased shuts down for its third update this month. The fatigue from managing your own business and its promotion starts to take a toll.

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Ask the Experts

Technology can be difficult to keep up with. According to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), 34% of marketing executives said they felt unprepared for working with new forms of technology in 2018. In such a rapidly changing profession, it’s important to find an agency with marketing services that can keep up the pace. Red Energy Public Relations enthusiastically embraces the study of new technology with the goal of revitalizing businesses into local hotspots.

Our PR firm works diligently to take on the challenges of ongoing technological advancements in advertising. Whether it’s a new video editing software, graphic design interface or our state-of-the-art data analytics for your business development, our promotions are streamlined into the most effective, new approaches to media, branding, and communication. If you are tired of juggling business promotion with business execution, consider hiring a PR firm that will get you back to doing the work you are passionate about. Call 719.465.3565 today to get a quote.


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