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Crisis Management Plan| Crisis Communication Plans

Crisis communication management is vital, an unexpected crisis can tarnish your organization’s reputation—instantaneously after spending years building a strong brand. In times of vulnerability, it is imperative to speak with one voice. 

Our firm is your source for creating a crisis management plan allowing you to stay on message, while avoiding pitfalls associated with miscommunication. Our strategies include: situational assessment, goals/outcomes, identifying issues, identifying key publics/audiences, developing key messages, creating a plan of action to reach internal audiences through advertising, community and media outlets, and evaluation of results post-crisis.

Client Confidential Stamp for Crisis Communication Management

Client Confidential

Our team has handled high profile international, national and regional crisis issues including:


  • Natural disasters

  • Wrongful death suit

  • Sexual harassment scandals involving senior leadership

  • Communicable diseases

  • Race and Gender discrimination suits

  • Dozens of death and serious injury cases

  • COVID response

  • Product liability issues

  • Drug and alcohol related arrests

  • Consumer revolts on social media platforms

  • Aircraft and other vehicle crashes/explosions

  • Armed robberies, hostage situations, mass panic


Rates start at $500/hour and assistance can be provided immediately around the clock for the critical 24-72 hours. Ongoing support and brand rebuilding strategies can be provided at the reduced rate of $200 per hour or by project once the initial "storm" has been expertly handled by our experienced communication response team. The reputation of your business depends on how quickly and transparently you handle your communications following a breaking issue.

Do not wait to call us. We have seen companies attempt to remain quiet, or further dig themselves into a hole and were unable to recover. Like emergency surgery this is not the time to try to save a buck and save yourself. You will find your brand hemorrhaging sales, donors or community confidence and wish you had not hesitated to bring in professionals with more than 25 years of solid experience. 


For this service, do not use our online contact form, if you are experiencing a crisis, please call or text 719.649.4279

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